Skip Go Widget is the easiest way to onboard users and capital from anywhere in the world to your corner of the sovereign web! The widget provides seamless cross-chain bridging, swapping, and transferring functionality, in an easy to integrate React/Web Component.

Purpose built with customizability, extensibility, and contributor friendliness in mind, the Skip Go Widget is fully open-sourced designed to fit your exact user experience needs. If there’s any functionality or configurations you’d like to see in the widget, we’d love for you to contribute by opening up an issue/pull request in the repository or by joining our Discord and giving us a shout!

Useful Links

Quickstart Guide

This guide will walk you though how to easily install and add the Skip Go Widget directly into your app in no time!

1. Installation

The @skip-go/widget package is an npm package providing a React component for a fully customizable swapping, transferring, and bridging interface using the Skip Go API. To install the package, run the following command:

npm install @skip-go/widget

2. Use the SwapWidget Component

Next, use the SwapWidget component to render the swap interface:

import { SwapWidget } from '@skip-go/widget';

const SwapPage = () => {
  return (
        width: '450px',
        height: '820px',
          primary: '#FF4FFF',

3. Configure away!

You’re all done with the basic set up! Now that you have the widget integrated, it’s time to configure the user experience. You can find all of the configurable component props in Configuration Options.