👋 Introduction

Welcome to the Skip Go API docs!

Skip Go API is an end-to-end interoperability platform that enables developers to create seamless cross-chain experiences for their end users with a variety of underlying DEXes and cross-chain messaging protocols, including IBC, CCTP, Hyperlane, and Axelar. We’re on a mission to make all interop dead easy for developers and their users!

Unlike most aggregators, Skip Go API is based around the idea of composing many underlying bridging and swapping operations to create multi-hop routes that can connect any two chains and tokens in a single transaction. The goal is to help developers build interfaces where users can teleport any token to any chain from wherever they might be.

We’ve designed it so that even developers who are completely new to interoperability and have never worked with any of the bridges or DEXes we use can build applications and frontends that feel magical and offer:

  • Any-to-any cross-chain swaps with built-in cross-chain DEX aggregation under the hood (e.g. Swap OSMO on Neutron for ARCH on Archway in a single transaction)
  • Onboarding to a sovereign chain from an origin chain or token in any ecosystem (e.g. Onboard to Sei from ETH on Blast)
  • Unified bridge-and-act flows (e.g. Transfer and buy an NFT in a single transaction)
  • Multi-hop cross-chain transfers with automatic denom & path recommendations for any asset and chain (e.g. Get the most liquid version of ATOM on Terra2)
  • Composite bridging paths that use multiple underlying bridges for different stages of the path (e.g. Transfer USDC from Base to Injective over CCTP and IBC behind the scenes)
  • Real-time cross-chain workflow tracking, along with gas + completion timing estimates
  • Protection from common cross-chain UX failures (e.g. bridging to a chain where the end user doesn’t have gas)
    … and much more

Skip Go API includes several different endpoint types which allow developers to choose their level of abstraction and build a wide variety of cross-chain applications. These include:

  • High-level endpoints that return fully-formed messages and transactions
  • Low-level endpoints that return detailed pathing data about all the “operations” that make up a route
  • Utility endpoints for multi-chain transaction + packet submission, relaying, tracking, and simulation

What does it cost?

The Skip Go API is free to use and integrate with. You will have very limited access if you do not have an API key from us. Please join our Discord and request one: https://skip.build/discord

3 Basic Ways to Use Skip Go API

There are 3 ways to leverage Skip Go API to build cross-chain swapping & transferring experiences, depending on whether you’re optimizing for control or for integration speed:

  1. Most control, slowest: Interact directly with the REST endpoints to have low-level control of your interactions
  2. High control, medium speed: Install and use Skip Go Core, our Typescript Package (@skip-go/core) to abstract the complexity of making HTTP calls and access related helper functionality (e.g. for generating and signing transactions, awaiting changes in transaction status, etc…)
  3. Medium control, fastest: Embed the Skip Go Widget in your frontend in a single line of code to launch with no developer effort.

Want to help us get better? Have questions or feedback?

You can reach us easily by joining our Discord and grabbing the “Skip Go Developer” role.