Activate Smart Relay (smart_relay=true) for global coverage of all chains, bridges, and routes

There are many routes that will return a RouteNotFound error if smart_relay=false because there are not public relayers that support them. This includes all routes to and from Solana, as well as CCTP routes to & from Polygon, Base, and several other L2s.

As a result, if you want your users to be able to transfer their tokens over all routes, we recommend using Smart Relay. You can read more about Smart Relay here: Smart Relay

Skip Go API is a universal interoperability platform. It can be used to swap and transfer tokens within and between all major ecosystems in crypto over many major bridges. We’re constantly adding new bridges, new chains, new routes on already-supported bridges, and new multi-hop routes by composing multiple bridges together.

This document gives a high level overview of the different ecosystems and bridges Skip Go API supports, including how to onboard assets into each ecosystem, when different bridges are used, and what DEXes are supported.

For each major ecosystem, this document identifies:

  • The bridges over which Skip Go API can route users into and out of the ecosystem
  • The bridges over which Skip Go API can route users within the ecosystem
  • The DEXes where Skip Go API can swap within the ecosystem

The very short summary is that our Cosmos ecosystem support is most mature, followed by Ethereum, followed by Solana.

Cosmos Support Details

Onboard and offboard via:

  • Axelar (Move major tokens to Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and ETH L2s)
  • CCTP (Move USDC to all major Ethereum L2s, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana)
  • Hyperlane (Move TIA to ETH L2s and sovereign rollups)

Move within the ecosystem via:

  • IBC

Swap within the ecosystem on:

  • Osmosis
  • Astroport (on 3+ chains)
  • White Whale (on 3+ chains)
  • InitiaDEX

Ethereum Support Details

Never attempt to derive Cosmos Addresses from Ethereum Addresses (or Vice Versa)

Whenever you need an address on a chain for a user, please request it from the corresponding wallet.

If you attempt to derive an address on one chain from an address on another chain, you may derive an address that the user cannot actually sign for if the two chains have different address-derivation processes. For example, if you derive a Cosmos address from an Ethereum address, you will get an address that the user cannot sign for and cannot use.

So don’t ever try to derive one address from another — even for intermediate addresses. (Intermediate addresses may be used for fund recovery if there is some kind of failure on an intermediate chain. Failures could include a timeout, a swap exceeding slippage tolerance, or any other unexpected execution path. We assume users can sign for intermediate addresses, even if they shouldn’t have to.)

Onboard and offboard via:

  • CCTP (Move USDC to/from Cosmos and Solana)
  • Axelar (Move ETH, MATIC, ARB, and other major tokens to/from Cosmos)
  • Hyperlane (Move ETH to sovereign rollups)

Move within ecosystem via:

  • Axelar (Move major assets among all major ETH L2s, Polygon, and Avalanche)

Skip Go API does not support swapping on any DEXes within the Ethereum ecosystem at this time

Solana Support Details

Onboard and offboard via:

  • CCTP (Move USDC to/from Cosmos and Ethereum Eco)

Move within ecosystem via:

  • NA — Solana is just 1 chain

Skip Go API does not support swapping on any DEXes within the Solana ecosystem at this time

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