The experimental_features parameter on /route and /msgs_direct gives us a consistent mechanism for rolling out new features to the folks who want to adopt them ASAP in an “opt-in” fashion, without threatening to destabilize power users who might want the new hottness.

(Of course, we avoid shipping changes that are technically breaking no matter what. But we’ve found that even additive changes can break some integrators).

We will probably auto-activate most features that we soft launch in experimental_features within a few weeks or months of the initial launch — especially when the feature makes a strict improvement to end user UX (e.g. adding a new DEX or bridge).

The experimental_features parameter accepts an array of strings, where each string identifies a feature. The rest of this doc describes each experimental feature currently in prod, when the feature will become opt-out (rather than opt-in), and gives the feature’s identifier.

Hyperlane (“HYPERLANE”)

Description: Support for routing over all Hyperlane Warp Routes in the official Hyperlane registry

Opt-out switch: Hyperlane routing will auto-activate on April 7 2024

Identifier: “HYPERLANE”

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