What is Connect?

Connect is an oracle that securely delivers offchain data to onchain applications using a chain’s native validator set and security. This documentation will guide you through using Connect; whether you’re a validator or developer.



Connect leverages the chain’s security, giving the fastest updates possible, and removing the requirements for any 3rd party systems.


Connect can support over 2000 currency pairs and price feeds, allowing the launch of thousands of permissionless on-chain markets. Ultimately, the speed of Connect is determined by the speed of your application.


Connect comes with a 1-day SLAs for adding new feeds, and 24/7 on-call support and maintenance by the Skip team.


By leveraging new advancements in consensus like vote extensions & ABCI++, Connect guarantees a millisecond-fresh oracle update every block, allowing applications to build without sacrificing UX for safety.

Ready to Connect?

If you’re interested in using Connect, please check out our website and reach out to us on discord to get started.